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Kara Thrace was a human with a special destiny. Nearly 100% efficient water and air recycling? And that’s also not to mention all the people who require constant medical care. This requires that the colonists left no trace of what they were. Maybe I’m too critical. Mine had to be #1 bcuz when the other main cylon models wanted to be human,or somehow got attached to that life that was programmed for them to think they had,#1 knew who he was,which was not human.He knew his role as a cylon,and did not get attached to who he was programmed to be,and the people he met,and he was the ruthless one. Heck, an invisible alien would have been easier to accept than angels guiding the destiny of the fleet. I started watching the series for the science fiction. If Kara existed outside of time, perhaps she was a kind of harbinger who had seen the course of events from beginning to end, but could not directly interfere. I guess it’s been four years now since the series ended, and two years more-or-less since you wrote your original blog post, so I understand entirely if you’re not reading these replies any more. I’m very late to the party having only finished watching BSG a couple of days ago, but almost immediately after watching the final episode I started searching to see if other people had felt the same way I did. “Maybe she’s this guy – top-selling recording artist Rod Stewart.” I think the audience was invested in where the Colonials would end up and it was incumbent upon the show’s writers to give some detail. If god is love and they love each other I don’t see the problem? Just wanted to keep all of you in the loop and try to keep up full disclosure about this sort of thing. 3) Yeah, there was nothing that indicated to me that the remaining Cylons wouldn’t just track the Colonials down. I did really enjoy finding the scorched Earth and the mutiny episodes. Actually to be honest, I never expected something else. 2. In the fall of 2019, NBC announced its new Peacock streaming service would include a reboot of the science fiction franchise Battlestar Galactica. Anyway, I wrote the first two sentences a few weeks ago but wanted to finish all comments before posting…). Then, at the very end, resurrected Kara finally knows who/what she is, *and* she feels good! In this case the starship contains middlemen, telephone sanitisers, hairdressers, etc. Mainly because I was thinking it would have been a nice tie in to an other legend/myth. They are the first and the last. Exactly. It is SciFi for fans of the West Wing that doesn’t pull punches and deals with real issues. Just for you, I’m working on the one year later post right now! There is a grain of truth in it, though, because these people didn’t have much more left. Many excellent thoughts here! But BSG is in pretty rarefied air because they DID hit the mark so often. And the smoking and drinking… I wasn’t sure what they were trying to say. These conversation may just be happening with in the minds of the machine. The humans went on to colonize a separate system of twelve planets, while the Cylons settled on a planet they called "Earth.". They invented resurrection technology, which "downloads" their consciousness into a new, identical clone body. Sure … but then you’d all just be here b*tching about their explanation!! Mankind plays God and brings about it’s own demise only to reset and repeat. What happened to Starbuck? and joy,and she apologized for her So, since god said it was gonna happen, it happened. As a result, all the events of BSG have only one meaning — fulfillment of the divine plan. It’s my pleasure! Then they’d basically be unable to rebuild it all and forced to make do. That’s a really interesting way to take it that I hadn’t considered. One further thought, about Kara… While more information would be nice (especially about her ghost dad), I find it to be a suitable mystery. I too appreciated the alternative universe suggestion for the ending. (Inconsistencies exist in the show, but this is not one of them.). Adama orders Starbuck to make a "blind jump" to anywhere in space, and she uses coordinates that line up with a drawing of Hera's and the musical notes from "All Along the Watchtower." Maybe they were originally with the final 5 cylons civilization on the exudus from kobol and as the cycle of war repeats they got into a fight. During combat, Raptors typically accompany a Viper squadron to provide targeting information and electronic countermeasures such as interfering with the guidance systems of enemy missiles. One question and one observation: You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. about Hera: She would have lived with her parents to start with and as long as the “cavemen” were not overly hostile maybe they traded with them on occasion and ended up learning from the new arrivals how to make fire, better spears and things, language, mathematics and so on. (Ok she enjoyed her work a bit too much). But you’re right, the ending took a lot of the air out of not only Season 4, but the whole series. Honestly, do you really need to know more? This may be beating a dead Cylon at this point, but as a writer and long-time fan of science fiction, I feel compelled to add a few observations. It’s because of no sleep, and the fact that I’m crazy. The crew and fleet are all knackered. Not good enough for me. Hera was the only child of a human and cylon that was not one of the final five. In fact, the very first line of dialogue in the series (S1E1 “33″) is, “God has a plan for you Gaius. The humans and Cylons agree to investigate, only to find the planet completely destroyed — a nuclear wasteland irradiated long ago. I guess it’s no longer in God’s plan for them to be bothered by the cylons?? Still, even if the colonists weren’t making paper (something which I doubt they were incapable of), they could have carved things into stone or at the very least perpetuated their society to where it didn’t merely fade away unknown. It should also be mentioned that the population of the fleet was ready to settle on a barely inhabitable rock like New Caprica before. I think that outside of Starbuck, the problem is less that the writers provided no answers, but rather that they provided unsatisfying answers. I think that the black hole at the end has something to do with finding earth. The writers of BSG used to say that the series is mostly about relationships. I used to get told “It is just TV, it is free, they owe you nothing.”. Consumerism, mass use of technology. I like your theory about the ending, but the fact that we have to keep jumping through narrative hoops to try to explain all the weirdness and inconsistencies is indicative of the weakness of the way the show ended. If so, how will procreation actually work? Back on the ship, Adama tasks Baltar with building a Cylon detector so they can weed out hidden Cylons. Rather to be “born again” on a new planet. The Colonial diet during the last one and a half seasons was mostly processed algae, plus whatever their agro ship was able to produce. It pleased me on absolutely no level. At least they didn’t have the whole mess with everyone perpetually as clueless as Russell Crowe’s “Noah” was. .How many people in reality have ever been on a military spaceship which they believed to be the only ship left of humans in the entire galaxy during a time of war with an alien race who just nuked the 12 colonies and destroyed (you think) all of human civilization. Lazy writing for sure. (I also liked the fact that this wasn’t the first “run” as it were and that God had basically afforded enough free-will to the “players” so that it could be mucked up again and again). 4. Maybe I am reading too much in here, but was there an element of “FU! Then the next morning, So But even if I wanted to reach that ending, I would have toned down the explicit god and “this all happened by divine will” stuff. Yes, he has copies, but it was this original one that wanted revenge/retribution on the humans for enslaving the original “toaster” cylons. Tyrells baby is now someone elses – they obviously had to make the prior mythology match the new with a ‘just get it over’ ending. The fleet plans a rescue, but Galactica is damaged beyond repair. Hello, its fastidious piece of writing on the topic of media print, I’ve noticed a lot of people who question the idea that the BSG could have settled a primitive Earth 150,000 years ago with no impact on the historical or archealogical record, and my response to these people is, get over it. Who says I can’t write my own ending? I too thought the writing was lazy at times, (Elen Tighe should have regenerated into a much younger body if we are to believe she’s known Saul and Bill for decades) but I thought the “God did it” ending was ballsy. First off I would like to congratulate you on the longevity of this blog. We see Baltar not playing any significant role in this new world. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. With respect to giving up technology, I can accept that there’s theoretically room in the story for dissension and issues with the transition. Kara Thrace is “one of [BSG's] most beloved personalities”? Remember the visions only appear to other Cylons, Theory 3: I’ve suspected that the last jump went wrong and the Galactica was thrown many many years back in time. Nope, not possible, since the other BSG fleet ships make the jump. Baltar’s transformation from atheist to spiritual leader). But Galen a) was blatantly ambivalent about Cally and b) had gone through too much to react like that to a knowledge of the crime and b) was NOT that sort of character. Many people saw this as a perfect ending. Insults directed at Star Trek will not be tolerated! That’s a really interesting way to resolve the show and I like it a lot. There was a reason I lost interest in season 3. It would be great if the creators made a movie that picks up right when Starbucks entered the code. I understand the arc of specific story lines needed to be completed, answered, resolved, whatever. I think that would have made a better story as to why there were compatable humans on new earth. It was established if I remember correctly that they made up flags or symbols of the colonies? If you read the background @ Wikipedia, you’ll see a lot of info that could very much apply to Starbuck. All of the agency, all of the human fallibility that came with the series, just down the drain. They did have a plan at the beginning. .I’m not really bothered by Kara just disappearing without a trace. I can’t even express these things properly because I have to – I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid limiting spoken language! adjective To me, Kara’s ending looks pitch-perfect. That way they put EVERYTHING they have into each show. – not exactly the population you’d want to effectively colonise a planet. Then gradually the plan started to fall apart. Why is no one worried about the other bad Cylons out there? seven months ago,between me and The WAR was the flood. Loved to hear/read views from other people who felt the same. (that’s what I think btw) Sure, why not. the case to court for a divorce.she The story is no longer about how they struggled and overcame adversity. It could have been a conscious decision by the colonists to destroy their history and cease record keeping in an effort to keep the Cylons from discovering them. An example is how Roslin died of cancer. The original 1978 Battlestar Galactica series also follows this Cylon rebellion on the Twelve Colonies — in essence, the third Cylon rebellion in history. The Final Five helped to create the eight biological "skinjob" models of Cylon, but they still harbored resentment towards the human race. Also, destroying culture, civilization, technology, recorded history, they make sure noone will learn from their mistakes (as the show portrays cylons as a mistake). For their continued existence the Cylons needed resurrection or death was permanent. Even if you abandoned technology utterly there are still scientific discoveries that it would be unconscionable to abandon, such as the germ theory of disease, and the scientific method itself. Heard that one from my wife a few years ago. I am not worthy. The Season 4.… I’m right behind ya,I might start watching,next generation,after I finish watching the 3rd season of boardwalk empire. But sure, they’ll totally give up indoor plumbing without a fight after that. And is even worth a second watch? Good sci-fi shows are hard to come by especially a show that had zero aliens in it. When Roslin visits the stranded ship to talk with its Hybrid, the Hybrid reboots and jumps away, taking Roslin, Baltar, and a number of humans. Is Gaeta and Baltar’s whispered secret revealed in these epds? (Heck, I’m not even sure that comment was on THIS blog, I’ve read so much on this the past two weeks! There were many flaws with the finale, I’m comfortable saying that a few years later but I’m still okay with some of the things not being answered. Because in BSG we see scenes of the final five at a time that is supposed to be thousands of years ago and they look exactly the same. Re: technology – they had a fairly industrialized society on New Caprica, and presumably there was little reason they couldn’t have done the same sort of setup on Earth. My biggest concern was the fact that they gave up all technology so easily. Lead many different types of ships in this 3D tactical game. called God unless maybe he wasn’t God. Maybe Hera was the only one to survive the following month or so and was found by the hominids. I had many of the same reasons for “indigestion” … Gaius’s knowing what God liked to be called, the acceptance of isolation of the group … and I too loved the things you did, the integration of colonials (or Hera as it seems to be suggested) into earths aboriginal hunter/gather society … fascinating about the Sanskrit in this show, it is considered a root language. You wrote that you’re a fan of Star Trek. Her ending was perfect. Also, these people are supposed to be our planet’s primogenitors, and since we can safely say that the fact that archeologists have yet to uncover any high tech medical supplies or farming equipment, it suggests the show intended to convey that the colonials had foregone all technology. Need I say more. BUT MAYBE WHEN DANIEL DIED IT WAS PART OF GODS PLAN HE MADE DANIEL A ANGEL. Helo and Tyrol prevent a Pegasus crew member from raping Boomer, accidentally killing another crew member in the process. You’re right about all the flaws with giving up technology. When the actual characters on screen have to start explaining the end of the show to the audience, it just makes me cringe. Just my little theory, with no evidence to support, but as an agnostic it helps me make sense of the finale. I agree with most of the criticisms voiced above. I cannot comprehend it. It wasn’t a perfect show by any means and many people think they could have written a better ending, but I for one was very satisfied. Someone mentioned above about the drinking and smoking, and that always bugged me: food shortages were a real problem at least from time to time, yet there seemed to be an endless supply of liquor. Either 1. and show up in present day New York or whatever city it was. I really wish the writers would give us a mini-series as a follow up or even, to re-write the ending. It’s a massive leap to believe that aswell as being ace pilot, military officer, lawyer. The dominant SF tv show before BG was Star Trek, with its subtexts of a future socialist utopia (no more money, no more fundamentalist religions). Not to push biblical reference but it seems to pull in this direction… Kara-Noah leads the few remaining survivors/refugees to a new land; one that God laid out for them. They developed many of the same scientific advancements that we have on Earth — and went several steps further, creating artificial intelligence in the form of robots they used as slave labor. that she was coming back.So Caprica was kinda Earth? card to crazy lengths. (Maybe the other basestars have been trying to call the colony but have been getting an engaged tone?). When they finally arrived at the second earth I must admit the whole thing with Kara disappearing annoyued the pants off me that really did deserve a better explanation. 3) the folks are seen walking/marching like they are on a journey, but wouldn’t they have just gotten dropped into the best spot already? And you underestimate the way humans often appear indifferent to people they love UNTIL they are lost — and then a revelation like Tory’s could easily trigger a violent response, in a human, and surely in a cylon…I mean if you’re going to assume something about cylons, instant merciless justice would be more plausible than human-like patient reflection. Yea, thanks for a more acceptable ending… i agree, Kara was either Daniel or his daughter in my eyes.. only way to explain the ‘song’, the art, the ‘visions or insights’ and the resurrection… and they didn’t send the ships to the sun either, but set up communities based on agreement of the remaining 40,000 (counting rebel Cylons) … who got on with being people, really looking at how to make their world a better place, evolving not de-evolving, being responsible, loving and taking some good lessons from the rebels who knew that hatred, retaliation were out and love, sharing and moving forward was in. There was a movie that came out in 1980 called, “The Gods must be crazy.” about a primitive African tribe that discovers modern man. KARA ELLEN TY TYREL ETC. It also makes me kind of hesitant to recommend the show, because the rest of the show was AMAZING and I loved watching it, but the ending is hard not to be disappointed in, especially considering that everything in the show was pointing towards the fleet finding Earth. Battlestar Galactica didn't take place in the future at all, it was set in Earth's past. Thanks for the comment! Every single person who does die during the mutiny is her fault. Don’t know… I’ll ask Patrick. Especially the last 30 minutes. Nah nah nah — art is subjective, and at the end of the day, this is all just my opinion. Even knowing Caprica was made after BSG, I thought it would be more interesting for her to watch the story unfold without really knowing where it was going. ** Let me just put in a little disclosure before I begin. Although, I didn’t enjoy the fact that we were willing for Adama to be rescued from the firing squad and then he goes ahead and has Gayter and the Vice Pres shot. My comment is in relation to Starbuck. Problems like this happen often in Hollywood because they either have no military advisers or poor military advisers. I always loved the show because it made me think outside the box of my normal thought processes. 3. 5) I don’t understand your reply. (As been said here, I love that this show is still being talked about so many years after the finalé, and that a nearly three year old blog post is still a source of discussion.). I think the theme of religion is more more successfully handled when it’s left as a mystery to the audience. Although the fleet members split up a bit I don’t think this means they ALL split up and promised never to create any technology ever again. the Dr ukokobill for bringing back my Our sun goes thru cycles. There was no nuclear explosion which would make it hard to find Screw that. That took away from the finale. However, like Lost, I was bitterly disappointed at the ending to BSG, and I am so glad that I am not the only one. Because. While it wouldnt likely be possible to re-create a mirocosm of industry again, it should have been perfectly feasible for them to record what they know about science and industry and vastly reduce the amount of time, trial, and error that would inevitably be required to jump-start industry again. Hi guys, I’m late here but it’s my third time watching the whole series. Perhaps this message is lost to a sci-fi audience, but it was there all along. Both sides. The best scifi novelists usually pull out a masterstroke of invention as the climax of the ride but perhaps here, for all their great writing along the journey, it was just a step too far. The surviving members, including Galactica and Pegasus, now captained by Lee Adama, discover a new planet they name New Caprica. And after watching the entire series, I’m left questioning if the cylons were good or bad. I guess geographic division of the remaining colonials makes sense, diversification of location protects against local risks…in a progenitor master-mind way of thinking. De franchise werd bedacht door de Amerikaanse producent en schrijver Glen Larson. I absolutely recommend it to people, all people! Maybe I overlooked it… but it seemed pretty obvious she was an angel. RDM, clearly not inspired by the good examples, rather went the “surprise” way… religion is right and you must believe in one god and then everything will work out just fine in the end, because he’s controlling every step we take and this is all pre-planned. you have any problem related to I’m not sure if you’re still checking in on this, but I thought I’d add my thoughts. There was a lot of good episodes during its run. Any canon was ruined by adding Mk III vipers to the Galactica.

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