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align = left or right or centered Now you can change the order of buttons on your post! Social-Media-Buttons werden mithilfe von Plug-ins auf Ihrer WordPress-Website integriert. Bug Fix: YouTube follower link in Social Follow widget. Please turn it to ‘on’ (or ask your server admin to do so, he’ll know what to do. Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 5.6, Bug fix: Illegal string offset ‘ssb_og_tags’ fix. If the social share icons still don’t show then there’s an issue with your template. You can do this by going to Media > Add New. Einmal implementiert, können Besucher jederzeit deine Beiträge und Seiten in ihren sozialen Netzwerken teilen. In WordPress. Enhancement: Like button size parameter added in short code. We use the share codes from Facebook etc. Upon activation, you need to visit Appearance » Menus page and create a new menu. New Feature: Custom CSS code input field added. ; In diesem Praxistipp verwenden wir das kostenlose Plugin "Ultimate Social Media Icons".Die Installation anderer Plugins ist aber ähnlich. Bug fix: Sidebars position issue fix with long counter. FOLLOWERS. Social media is … Please delete and install the plugin again. Welche Plugins ich dir dazu empfehle, verrate ich dir noch im Laufe des Artikels. New Feature: Introducing WhatsApp, Viber, Reddit and linked in. Solved: Updated logic for inclusion of external js. Contact ... as well as customize the thumbnail image and play button to add a clearner style to the embed. How To Add A Video Module To Your Page. Recent Facebook Posts Plugin for WordPress: A highly rated plugin (with 20,000+ active installs) that allows WordPress site to render in HTML your recent Facebook Page updates. 3. Updated Export section and success message after export. Saving of links for custom icons sometimes didn’t work. solved: Wrong link on icons when curl not installed. – Social Sharing Buttons above and under the post Google+ Button 4. Enhancement: Move Menu out from Settings. Bug Fix: Widget Title show even it remove. This is fixed, Question #5 The ‘Sticking & Floating’ -> ‘Where shall they float?’ was storing the right value but showing the ‘Top – Left’ always, If the floating icons on the frontend had ‘counts’ enabled for them, the counts for the last row of the icons were being cut-off on the screen if the ‘Bottom – Left’ OR ‘Bottom – Right’ was chosen as the display position, Following user suggestions we made it easier to remove the credit link (if previously activated by user – otherwise it doesn’t display), Some servers don’t display svg-images due to security issues, so we switched back to png, Removed the comment line which may be me causes the syntax error at the time of installation, In specific cases some share-icons were missing, this is fixed now, Plugin sent error messages if user had developer mode active, this won’t happen anymore, ‘Visit us’ icons sometimes didn’t get displayed in the backend, this is fixed now, Also the design of the ‘Visit us’-icons on the front end has been improved, If the email-delivery option is used, emails now get sent out much faster (central server gets pinged), Pop-up in some cases didn’t get shown on inner pages, fixed now, Custom icons had some resizing issues, fixed now, If ‘Do you want to display icons at end of every post’ is clicked there were some issues on mobile view, this is fixed now, ‘Visit us’-icons in the tooltips were no vector-icons, which made them look fuzzy in some browsers, this is fixed now, On certain pages sometimes the youtube icon didnt show, this is fixed now, Custom uploaded icons got a black background, this is fixed now, In the admin panel the plugin conflicted (in rare cases) with other plugins, this is fixed, Pop-ups sometimes didn’t disappear automatically, fixed now, The tooltip for floating icons now gets displayed so that it is always visible, Several changes done to optimize display on mobile & tablets, Issues with widget fixed (in rare cases the separating lines between widgets didnt get displayed correctly), Deletion of headline for widget works now, Slight alignment issues of share- and like buttons at the end of blog posts corrected, Tooltip from share-option sometimes appeared some other strange places on the site, this is fixed now, Extra checks added if user enters nonsense in the admin area, Links to our review site added (please please give 5 stars), In specific cases there were Javascript loading errors, that’s fixed now, Moving from the icons to the tooltips made the tooltips disappear sometimes, now they are ‘stickier’, In specific cases the facebook-icon was displayed very small in the tooltip, fixed now, Corrected that when only the ‘visit us’ function is selected, no tooltip is displayed, Email-icon didn’t get displayed for all design sets (on the website), this is fixed now, Alignments of buttons in tooltips optimized. 3 Icon Packs – Why be satisfied with just one set of icons when you can have three! First thing you need to do is to install and activate the Menu Image plugin. A new WordPress block allows you to select social media icons to place in your blog post. – Social Sharing Buttons above the post content Fixed responsive icons issue with table of contents. Email WordPress.com Joomla Tumblr TypePad. Now, let’s add WordPress footer logo using Live Customizer and … Compatibility: All in One SEO Plugin Compatibility added. One thing you need to keep in mind, though, is that GIFs with many frames for animation can be quite large in terms of file size. – Stunning Animations New Feature: Show Social media buttons on 5 different locations or positions. automatic shuffling, mouse-over effects) to make your visitors aware of the share icons, increasing the chance that they follow/share your blog, Make your social media icons ‘float’ or ‘sticky’, Allow visitors to subscribe to your blog by Email, Add ‘counts’ to your social media buttons, Decide to display a pop-up (on all or only on selected pages) asking people to follow/share you via your social media icons, Decide to display sharing-buttons and social media icons at the end of every post. Show stats and numbers in an escalating manner. If you're looking for MailPoet 3 articles, please go to MailPoet 3 Knowledge Base. Update: We now have two user contributions to extend the amount of Social Icons available on MailPoet. Using sticky action buttons, the user can easily get information related to the website. Rich set of features makes it the most flexible Social Sharing plugin ever for Everyone. This is fixed now. We’ve developed the code so that there are no conflicts and you can place the share icons in one way with one plugin, and select other share icons with the other plugin and place them differently. Another simple method for integrating this social network with WordPress is using follow and social share buttons. New Feature: Social Media Sharing Buttons ShortCode to use in templates. Solved: Changed theme check url to match bloginfo url. Bug Fix: Improved the loading speed of social media buttons. Fixed Mobile icons not working when shuffle is selected. New Feature: Social Share buttons on images in posts or pages or custom post types. Falls dein Theme diese Möglichkeit nicht bietet, gibt es unter anderem folgende zwei Möglichkeitendiese trotzdem auf deiner WordPress Website einzubinden. These include social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (through the use of sharing buttons), or embedded content from YouTube and Vimeo. So geht’s: Social Media Buttons ohne Plugin in die Sidebar einfügen Bug Fix: share button position issue with 2016 theme. Bug Fix: Undefined $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] in function. Display your social accounts on your website for more followers and better brand recognition. Pinterest Button 7. t3n Button 8. Premium version includes Priority support, premium features like access to customizing colors of social media buttons, Social popups, fly-ins, on Media Social buttons etc. Enhancement: Settings link added at plugin listing page. Bei vielen WordPress Themes gibt es bereits die Möglichkeit Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram oder Google Plus Icons einzufügen und diese mit einem Link zu deinen entsprechenden Profilen zu hinterlegen. Get Customize FAQ Blog Contact. Monarch Social Media Plugin. Social Slider. deine WordPress Website nutzen kannst, solltest du Social Media Buttons und Social Share Buttons auf deiner Website einbinden. In this case, we provide support as part of our premium plugin: https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/, Please use this plugin for that: https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/, Yes, that is possible in our new social share plugin, the Premium Plugin: https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/. Solved: unexpected charactor “[” error for php version 5.3. Enhancement: Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: no name in Entity. Das sind im Prinzip eigentlich alle. Neben dieser Option zum Hinzufügen eines Social Icons-Widgets kannst du auch ein Theme auswählen, das ein eigenes Social-Media-Menü aufweist. New Feature: Button show on excerpt content. You'll be taken through the easy-to-understand steps to configure your plugin, As a first step you select which share icons you want to display on your website, Then you'll define what the share icons should do (they can perform several actions, e.g. Bug fix: Woo product short description with image og issue fix. Das Social Media Flying Icons Plugin bietet … Aus diesen Gründen soll für die Integration der Social Media Buttons in die Sidebar hier keines der 14.500 WordPress-Plugins zum Einsatz kommen. Monarch Social Media Plugin. Once uploaded, click the “edit” hyperlink. The navigation menu is is a standard WordPress Custom Menu which can be customized to include any kind of links like categories, pages, custom post types and custom links. Enhancement: Google+ button removed as G+ API is not longer available by Google. As part of the Premium Plugin (https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/) we fix also theme issues, and provide support to ensure that your social media share buttons appear on your site (exactly where you want them). Enhancement: Show and hide sidebar option at front end. Social Media Buttons geben dir eine effektive und optisch ansprechende Möglichkeit Besucher auf deine soziale Profile weiterzuleiten. Bug Fix: Changed the Facebook like button in plugin settings. In this video I will show you how the 'Social Icons' Element in Elementor 2.0 works. Bug fix: Show Mobile title fix for mobile view. Then activate the plugin from the plugins page. Denn wie der Name schon sagt, handelt es sich um Schriftarten, die anstelle von Buchstaben Icons enthalten. A rotating carousel or slider of chosen images. Bug Fix: Reddit Api Invalid argument supplied for foreach(). Translate “Simple Social Media Share Buttons – Social Sharing for Everyone” into your language. Bug Fix: Add Compatibility of mb_convert_encoding() function. Social Media Buttons kann man sich selber gestalten, bzw. Social Media Buttons einfügen. Sowas muss es doch geben oder? Join To Download. "Facebook Folgen Button" und andere Social Media Buttons wie Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ und so weiter in Blogger.com einbinden/einfügen. Built to get you more shares and more followers. Most likely you have the WP Cache plugin installed. This plugin lets you adds the Facebook share button, Google plus one +1 (removed by Google), Twitter share button and Pinterest Pin for each post or page on your blog. New Feature: Option to delete settings in database on uninstall. In our new Premium Plugin you can define different settings for mobile, see https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/. to share that one. New Feature: Share Title text Option added. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. Those point to a CURL-issue on your site. Description. Das Plugin fügt eine Social-Media Bar am linken Seitenrand deines Blogs hinzu, die … Es gibt viele Anbieter dieser Social-Media-Plug-ins, die ihre Buttons verschieden gestalten. Removed comment that was being flagged as dangourous code by some malware scanners. Bug Fix: Undefined ‘ssb_messenger_generate_link’ function. Dieses Plugin setzt das Shariff-Konzept in einer einfach einzusetzenden Form für WordPress um. And because it’s become such a media powerhouse it’s no wonder that you’d want to add your feed to your website. make your social media icons ‘float’, Step 6: Add sharing/linking icons next to each blog post (optional), Step 7: Add a customized pop-up asking people to follow or share (optional), Step 8: Add a subscription form on your site (optional), You’re using the latest version of the plugin(s), You have CURL activated (should be activated by default), Open SEO Stats (Formerly: PageRank Status) in Chrome. Enhancement: Open Fb messenger native app on mobile. As of June 2018 Instagram has over a billion active users making it one of the most popular social media networks today. Unabhängig davon sollte entweder eine 2 Klick Lösung gewählt werden, bei der zunächst nur ein Bild des Share-Buttons eingeblendet und erst auf den zweiten Klick die Verbindung zu dem jeweiligen Social Media Netzwerk aufgebaut wird. Social Media: Modernes Webdesign Wir entwickeln ein auf Ihr Unternehmen abgestimmtes Webdesign, das Ihren Kunden sowohl am Computer als auch am Smartphone eine … Here is a quick tutorial on how to create buttons that link to a PDF file. Social media plugin which let’s you add share icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, ‘Share’ (covering 200+ other social media platforms) and upload custom share icons of your choice. Upon activation, you need to visit Appearance » Menuspage and create a new menu ; Super-Fast Website Hosting - with HTTP2 & SS . Damit du die Power sozialer Netzwerke optimal für dich bzw. Create great looking CSS3 WordPress buttons in a minute. The well-structured layouts make them easy to work with, and nice to look at. Twitter Button und 3. [SSB] to call with plugin settings values. New Feature: Introducing Social Sharing Gutenberg Blocks. That’s normal. Solved: cleared the float elements after notice. . Simple Social Buttons is currently in the following languages: That’s it. – Display Total Share counts Alternatively, you can place the following into your codes to show the share icons: In some cases there might be issues to display social media sharing buttons which you uploaded as custom share icons. Simple Social Buttons adds ( with lots of options like Sidebar, inline, above and below the posts content, on photos, popups, fly ins ) an advanced set of social media sharing buttons to your WordPress sites, such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Please ensure that you’ve selected the radio button ‘Username’ when you enter a youtube username, or ‘Channel ID’ when you entered a channel ID. Social Share Buttons und der Datenschutz. – Display Total Share counts Diese Fonts bringen eine Reihe von Vorteilen mit sich: Anstatt ein Grafikprogramm bemühen zu müssen, kannst Du die Größe und Farbe der Icons unkompliziert im CSSC… – Display Total Share counts Sticky action buttons will act as a floating widget. ... (278 total ratings) This swiss-knife plugin comes with a quality template library, menu/sharing icons, Gutenberg blocks and newly… Themeisle 400,000+ active installations Tested with 5.5.3 Updated 4 weeks ago Widget Importer & Exporter (110 total ratings) Import and export your widgets. In diesem Video zeige ich euch wie ihr euer WordPress Website oder eurem WordPress Blog Share Buttons / Teilen Buttons hinzufügen könnt. If you don’t have it, please contact your hosting provider or server admin. Solved: Icons not rendering on woocomerce product page. Once you have entered the Visual Builder, you can click the gray plus button to add a new module to your page. You can crosscheck which image Facebook will take by entering your url on https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/. I noticed a new feature on one site that was not showing on another. Merci pour ce beau travail ! Decide to display a pop-up (on all or only on selected pages) asking people to follow/share you via your social media icons. Easy to understand. WordPress Button einfügen. Add ‘counts’ to your social media buttons. Ob Sie für WordPress Social-Media-Buttons benötigen, lässt sich schnell beantworten: Bieten Sie interessante Inhalte, die viele Besucher teilen sollen, erleichtern Sie dies mit Share-Buttons. Enhancement: Social Share Buttons Drag and Drop Feature. Five stars! Dein Theme bietet eine Möglichkeit dafür. Xing Button 6. Harness the power of Divi with any WordPress theme. To allow users to directly to subscribe to your youtube channel the plugin required a User ID, now a channel is possible too, Several conflicts with other plugins resolved, Steps 1., 2., 3. in the guide how to upload a custom icon were sometimes missing, this is fixed now, Some error messages in developer tools not showing up anymore, Shortcode now available too, so that you can place the icons wherever you want: Insert [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS], ‘Visit us’-option now also available for Twitter-users, Description added for people helping to find their LinkedIn-ID, Description added for people helping to generate their API-keys for Twitter, LInkedIn and G+ to display their counts automatically, Design of pop-up for upload of custom icons changed, to better explain required steps, ‘Icons per row’ didn’t work properly in specific cases, fixed now. Enhancement: Responsive Social Share Buttons styling. If the social share icons are not clickable at all there is most likely an issue with your template. Known culprits include the ‘Disconnect’ extension in Chrome or the ‘Privacy Badger’ extension in Firefox. Don’t forget to click on the Update button to store your app settings. Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. Enhancement: Advance settings added at help page log. Now I have added you tube subscribe and view links. Social Media Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Image Carousel. Having fewer plugins is typically better for site performance, so many site owners opt for Jetpack or things like social media sharing buttons, galleries, and SEO. Facebook ist der am häufigsten verwendete Button, denn es lassen sich gut Artikel aller Art auf Facebook teilen. Flattr Button 5. If you don’t want to show any text, just enter a space (‘ ‘). Die Designs reichen von minimalistisch bis künstlerisch individuell. Built to get you more shares and more followers. Über diese „Von-Social-Media-zu-WordPress“ Integration werde ich demnächst schreiben, ... Grundsätzlich kennt WordPress 4 Optionen zum Einfügen zusätzlicher Elemente: automatisches Einfügen, Integration via php-Befehl in den Template-Dateien, Einbindung via Shortcode direkt im Editor oder Integration als Widget. In dieser Anleitung finden. Use this plugin: https://www.ultimatelysocial.com/usm-premium/, Yes, you can disable the share icons under question 5. Contact Get In Touch ... can also click the Use Visual Builder button when browsing your website on the front end if you are logged in to your WordPress Dashboard. One exception: if you like to know when people start to follow you by email, then you can get email alerts. Join To Download. New Feature: Choose Social Networks with Drag and Drop feature. if you gave it ‘Like’ (on facebook) or ‘Tweet’ functions) a pop-up is still needed because the social share buttons for those are coming directly from the social media sites (e.g. Fixed: Targets only labels within the social icons div. I've been using this for a month now. Bug Fix: Compatibility issues with older PHP versions. Collect information Get the information you need from customers: email addresses, customer feedback and more. Fixed Facebook original icons share to new tab. Contact Get In Touch ... Clicking this button will enable the Divi Builder, giving you access to all of the Divi Builder’s modules. Vorhandene Buttons nutzen. Solved: ajax_object conflict with themes. Issues with custom icon upload & custom icon removal fixed, Box asking for review didn’t disappear in some cases, fixed now, Some design issues with some CSS for icons after every post, fixed now, Conflicts with ADD MEDIA button and ADD LINK sorted, In some cases activating the icons after every post the content disappeared, this is fixed now, In some cases if no widget was placed it said ‘Kindly go to settings page and check the option ‘show them via widget” got displayed on the blog, this is fixed now, G+ window disappeared sometimes after moving over it, fixed now, LinkedIn icon disappeared after moving over it a few times, fixed now, Sometimes tooltips didn’t appear, fixed now, When plugin is activated some toggle functionality stopped working, fixed now, Click on icons after posts now shares the post, not the blog page, When user selected that icons should show floating in the bottom right they floated in the center right, fixed now, Number of Instagram followers not always got pulled correctly, fixed now, When site loaded the widget sometimes overlapped with others, fixed now, Plugin’s menu button now has less aggressive colors, Sometimes sharing via facebook returned error messages, this is fixed now, Conflicts with WooTheme Whitelight resolved, Occasional problems with https-sites previously, now compatibile, The ‘counts’ were not always correct, fixed now, Last plugin update fixed Youtube points, however the ‘channel’ was as default, set back to ‘username’, Mouseover-text for social icons now correct, Some layout adjustment in the admin area (menu-button will also be adjusted in next release), Setting order of icons sometimes didnt work properly when custom icons got uploaded, this is fixed now, jQuery updated, now most conflicts with other plugins should be resolved, Renaming of ‘Youtube Channel’ to ‘Username’ to avoid confusion, On some templates there were alignment issues of the icons, this is fixed, Menu button sub-menu removed (wasn’t really necessary), Lightbox in admin area for custom icon upload shortened (was too large), Tags for all icons defined (for SEO purposes), If given only a ‘visit us’-function for the Twitter-icon, the is no tooltip anymore (like for the other icons), Sharing sometimes pulled an incorrect image, fixed now, Pop-up now also has an ‘x’ in the top right corner for people to close, Sometimes icons overlapped, this is fixed now, Several issues fixed when users put shortcode into the header, Sometimes our request to ask users for feedback got displayed too early, this is fixed now, Some youtube accounts don’t have a username, but only a channel. Enhancement: Getting Facebook share count algorithm. A bullet list with any chosen icon and text. For that, please claim your feed (see question above). – Upgrade to Pro for customizing the colors, on Media Premium Feature Enhancement: Improved Social Media Images Quality for Retina machines. Solved: changed option for linkedin count. Das deutsche Computermagazin c’t hat daher „Shariff“ (ʃɛɹɪf) entwickelt, mit dem sich datenschutzkonforme Teilen-Buttons einbinden lassen, die die Anforderungen der Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO – Richtlinie (EU) 2016/679) erfüllen. Social Media Buttons ohne Plugin über das WordPress Textwidget einfügen – so geht’s: If you still experience loading speed issues, please note that: The more sharing- and invite- features you place on your site, the more external codes you load (i.e. If the plugin setting’s area looks ‘funny’ after an upgrade then please clear your cache with String+F5 (PC) or Command+R (Mac). Also Ad-Blockers are known culprits, please switch them off temporarily to see if that is the reason. Note: This plugin requires CURL to be activated/installed on your server (which should be the standard case), and a PHP version of 5.4 or above. We’ve programmed it so that the code for the social media icons is the one which loads lasts on your site, i.e. Please contact your template creator for that. Enhancement: Introducing New Social Buttons: Facebook Share, LinkedIn. Cross Browser Support. In diesem Video zeige ich dir, wie du ganz einfach DSGVO-konforme Social Media Buttons auf deiner WordPress Website einfügen kannst! Auch wenn dieses Video die englische Version von Webnode präsentiert, ist die deutsche Version identisch und funktioniert auf die gleiche Weise. The ultimate email opt-in plugin for WordPress. Enhancement: Social Sharing Counter formatting is added. All posts have integrated share buttons, and Extra's Social Follow widget places your social media profiles and follower counts in close reach. copy & paste the url into their RSS readers). Step 1: Choose which social media icons you want to display, Step 2: Define what actions your social media icons should perform, Step 3: Pick design & animation options for your social media icons, Step 4: Add counts to your social media icons (optional), Step 5: Select from various other social share options, e.g. Previously custom icons got deleted if plugin was upgraded. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.. There might be also other issues on your site which cause a high loading speed (e.g. How The Happiness Planner Creates More Content in Less Time. Before you can add a video module to your page, you will first need to jump into the Divi Builder. Facebook, Twitter) and we don’t have any influence over their design. Dafür gibt es für WordPress Plugins, etwa einsfür: 1. Bei vielen WordPress Themes gibt es bereits die Möglichkeit Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram oder Google Plus Icons einzufügen und diese mit einem Link zu deinen entsprechenden Profilen zu hinterlegen. Facebook-Like, 2. Check the written documentation with screenshots. Posts are augmented with lists of related articles, and author boxes are placed below each post. Use the available social media icons or upload your own. Tell them you need it for a social sharing plugin on WordPress which may take longer to upload. A less active account on social networks may not require a built-in feed but you should still give a link to it. Social Warfare is a popular WordPress social media plugin that comes in both a free and a premium version. Paid Options : If plugins aren’t your jam or your site doesn’t function on WordPress , there are still some super-customizable options .

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