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The characters and their reactions to what's happened, to that loss and the new status quo, is what really hits home." [183], Supergirl's ratings were a season high for the series, with the rating and share on par with the first episode of "Elseworlds". 35€. Expédié et vendu par Amazon. A compromise was reached in which these properties were returned to different Earths in the multiverse, and the Arrowverse series were combined in a single Earth. These moments were designed to be modular and could be moved throughout the episodes depending on each series' creative needs, actor availability, and other factors, while also determining episode order. Le principal avantage de Crisis on Infinite Earths est qu’il sera beaucoup plus facile de justifier les épisodes crossover à venir. As the main piece of a crossover event, some plot elements were featured in tie-in issues of other publications. Cress Williams as Black Lightning 9. In this final battle the Anti-Monitor, reduced to a flaming head, crashes into a star and is killed by the Earth-Two Superman. [158] The first teaser for the crossover was released on November 10, 2019. [2][15] When Wolfman and Giordano reiterated this in a 1984 meeting, some editors were not pleased; one was so miffed he did not speak for the rest of the meeting.[17]. En «Crisis on Infinite Earths», el Monitor reúne a Flecha Verde, Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, a las Leyendas y siete héroes de todo el multiverso para evitar que Antimonitor destruya toda la realidad. [99] Wolfman added that the comics were "created to tie in perfectly with The CW shows" so it felt like a main part of the story and not ancillary:[98] "This is integral to the entire storyline. Daunted by the odds, the team seeks out new recruits, including a mysterious Kryptonian. Clark, Lois, and Iris locate the second Superman on Earth-96, where Lex uses the Book of Destiny to brainwash that Earth's Clark until Lois knocks Lex out. [193][194] Arrow had season-high viewers and rating and share (the series' best since "Elseworlds"),[195] and the Legends of Tomorrow episode was well above its season-four averages of 0.95 million viewers and 0.3 rating/share. Big things and gigantic sounds happening! [10] In addition, Wally West replaced Barry Allen as the Flash, the Justice League's roster was changed, and characters DC acquired from other companies, such as Fawcett Publications and Charlton Comics, were integrated into the DCU. [119], Boost Mobile was a promotional partner for the event. The idea for the series stemmed from Wolfman's desire to abandon the DC Multiverse depicted in the company's comics—which he thought was unfriendly to readers—and create a single, unified DC Universe (DCU). But it had an immense heart to it. After an accident with antimatter on one universe, the Anti-Monitor begins destroying many of the realities with a wave of antimatter, planning on becoming sole ruler of all realities. "[28], Elements to set up Crisis on Infinite Earths were put in DC's comics years before the crossover took place;[29] an example of this was the Monitor's appearance in The New Teen Titans. Sa première diffusion s'est faite sur trois jours, entre le 8 et le 10 décembre 2019 puis le 14 janvier 2020 sur The CW. Now, the company could "really lean into this idea of [the multiverse] and acknowledge the fact there can be a Flash on TV and one in the movies, and you don't have to pick one or the other, and they both exist in this multiverse". The Anti-Monitor waits for Alex Luthor to reopen the portal between the positive and antimatter universes, capturing the heroes, but a magically empowered Spectre creates an energy overload which shatters space and time. Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor 6. Si vous ne les avez pas vus, il vous est vivement recommandé d'interrompre votre lecture de ce diaporama. Suddenly, the Anti-Monitor sends a brainwashed Harbinger to kill the Monitor so he can absorb his power and finish destroying the multiverse. [32] Nerdist News noted that many of the series' central events—such as the deaths of Supergirl and Barry Allen—have become iconic moments in DC's history. [211], For the Arrow episode, Rotten Tomatoes reported a 79% approval rating, based on 14 reviews, with an average rating of 7.4/10. The story also serves as inspiration for "Crisis on Infinite Earths", an Arrowverse crossover event consisting of an episode each of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. [218], Crisis Aftermath is an aftershow which aired after the December 8 Supergirl episode and the December 10 Flash episode. 1986 188 Sales 9.8 FMV $110 Crisis on Infinite Earths #12. J'onn uses his psionic powers to restore their allies' memories while Sara tries to find Oliver. He liked J'onn J'onnz and Iris West having more substantial roles in this crossover than previous ones, in which they were sidelined or underutilized. [8] The close spacing of Crisis on Infinite Earths and Marvel's similar crossover Secret Wars caused some fans to create conspiracy theories about idea theft. Also, it seems appropriate that production for this beast begin the day before my due date. [103], The writers gathered for a two-week session to work on the crossover. [48] In the series, Kal-L, Alexander Luthor, and Superboy-Prime escape from the pocket dimension they were left in at the end of the original series; Luthor, having gone insane, attempts to recreate the multiverse using the Anti-Monitor's corpse. [104], Blake Neely and collaborators Nathaniel Blume, Sherri Chung, and Daniel Chan, began work on the crossover on November 20, 2019,[146] and the score was recorded by an orchestra on December 2. [2], Pérez says he was not the intended artist for Crisis on Infinite Earths,[24] but was excited when he learned about it, seeing it as an opportunity for "revenge" against Marvel, which he blamed for blocking the JLA/Avengers crossover he had been working on. The concept of a multiverse has been explored several times throughout the history of the franchise. She also noted the prominent placement of Supergirl and Batwoman, but for the other Paragons "there’s not a whole lot to be told from their inclusion". According to Schedeen, it was obvious that in some scenes all the actors were not filmed together. [177], "Crisis on Infinite Earths" began with Supergirl on December 8, 2019, continuing with Batwoman and The Flash on December 9 and 10, respectively. These hints were a "fun bit" for the writers to end the crossover, since an early version of the script had the Wonder Twins making an appearance. Wolfman has said he did not want to kill Allen, but DC ordered him to because it perceived the character as dull. Wonder Woman's comic was relaunched entirely by Pérez, Wein, and Greg Potter. Actor Cress Williams said that the character enters "in a very surprising way. Despite succeeding, Oliver dies once more, with Barry and Sara at his side. [27] Casting was announced at the July 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. [26] According to writer Steve Gerber, the series "got virtually no promotion ... How many handouts did you see? [26] When Giordano (the series' initial inker) had difficulty meeting deadlines while continuing as DC vice president and executive editor, editorial coordinator Pat Bastienne reassigned the inking to Jerry Ordway despite Giordano's objections. Guggenheim said that it was also done to "[surprise] the audience with the unexpected" ... "I think [Stephen Amell] enjoyed A) the opportunity to play two death scenes and B) the creative sleight of hand in terms of surprising the audience. Crisis on Infinite Earths is DC's first and most iconic crossover, but Batman didn't have a big role in this massive crossover. [2] The series' success inspired DC to begin a tradition of "summer crossovers"; some of these include Invasion! To Agard, the introduction of Black Lightning was "the definition of delayed gratification. With Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath. In the first part of the five-part crossover, The Monitor sends Harbinger to gather the world’s greatest heroes in preparation for the impending Crisis. The Arrowverse television crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" had the heroes discover that the Barry Allen from the 90s Flash television series, with John Wesley Shipp reprising his fan-favorite role, had similarly been kidnapped by the Anti-Monitor. The series was a bestseller for DC and has been reviewed positively by comic book critics, who praised its ambition and dramatic events. [97] The series reprinted material from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic, and its second issue included material from DC Universe: Legacies #6 (2010). Crisis on Infinite Earths sera un événement en cinq parties, étalé sur Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow et la petite nouvelle, Batwoman. He is very irreverent with our characters when they turn up in the scene and obviously, with Constantine, there is some history there. Unlike the 1991 Marvel crossover storyline The Infinity Gauntlet, where Marvel only published tie-ins in titles that needed a boost in sales, the vast majority of DC's comics featured events that directly tied to the crossover. Dans Crisis on Infinite Earths, un être cosmique, dont son origine remonte à la nuit des temps, le Monitor, recense toutes les réalités, mais il a un double maléfique, l’Anti-Monitor, qui vient d’un univers fait d’antimatière. [143] Williams took a break from filming Black Lightning in Atlanta to spend a week filming his parts of the crossover in Vancouver. "Crisis on Infinite Earths", inspired by the comic of the same name, continues plotlines established in the previous crossover, "Elseworlds". [8][38] The second part of one of DC's later crossovers, Convergence (2015), heavily references the series and sees DC's superheroes travel back to its era. Marvel, on the other hand, felt contemporary and when you stack them up against each other, there's one difference that sticks out above anything else: Marvel feels unified. Grant Gustin and a Gobsmacked Melissa Benoist React to Movie Hero's Cameo in 'Crisis, "Every single cameo on The CW's 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' crossover", "Stargirl's new Justice Society suits up in a thrilling episode", "How Crisis on Infinite Earths Sets Up Stargirl's TV Show", "Stargirl: Exclusive First Look at the JSA and Injustice Society", "Every Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo ranked", "Doom Patrol's Crisis On Infinite Earths Cameo Explained", "How the Arrowverse Has Been Hinting at "Crisis on Infinite Earths, "Arrowverse Crossover Theme Is 'Elseworlds,' Casts Multiverse Observer", "DC TV Watch: 'Legends of Tomorrow' Showrunner Breaks Down All the Season 4 Changes", "Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin & Melissa Benoist Tease What to Expect in 'Elseworlds, "Arrowverse Crossover Title for Fall 2019 (!) Club was more negative on the Arrow episode, giving it a "C–". Five scripts. An anti-matter wave wipes them and her Earth out, except for Jefferson, who is transported to an unknown location. [94] The preceding episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow contained a tag scene of Nash Wells accessing a chamber under Central City. The crossover's called Crisis on Infinite Earths, but you could replace "Crisis" with "Cameos" and while it might not sound as dramatic, it wouldn't be … As the main piece of a crossover event, some plot elements were featured in tie-in issues of other publications. Once Corrigan teaches him to how use the Spectre's power, Oliver goes to the Vanishing Point to rescue the Paragons and strengthen Barry. [16] The series was announced in Giordano's "Meanwhile..." column DC ran in its titles in June 1984. The website's critical consensus reads: ""Crisis on Infinite Earths"'s fourth installment reshuffles the universe in rousing fashion thanks to Arrow himself and a delightful cameo from Ezra Miller, even if repeating the same sacrifice twice dilutes the impact of this farewell to Oliver Queen. The story is credited with popularizing the idea of a large-scale crossover in comics. With Arrow now airing its final season, the Arrowverse has unleashed its biggest crossover adventure yet. The writers wanted a clear distinction between Welling's character at the Kent Farm and Routh's character at the Daily Planet. He said that Ryan Choi could have been introduced before the crossover to "get some of the backstory out of the way", and the purgatory storyline "deserved far more attention" than the time allowed. [18], In the recreated universe, the Paragons discover only they remember the crisis and that Earth-1, Earth-38, and Jefferson's Earth were merged into Earth-Prime. [116] Black Lightning's inclusion was decided "very late in the game", according to Guggenheim. [181], All five episodes of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" were included on the Blu-ray release of Arrow's eighth season. [137] By that time, the producers approached Nicolas Cage, who had been attached to portray Superman in the planned Superman Lives film. The adaptation began in earnest during the development of "Elseworlds", and the crossover's title was revealed at the end of "Elseworlds" in December 2018. There, they learn that the Anti-Monitor will always learn about the multiverse's existence because they only stopped one version of Novu. [75] In September 2018, three months before the release of "Elseworlds" (the Arrowverse crossover in the 2018–19 television season[76]), Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer said that the next crossover had "a loose shape". According to Wallace, this gave "it a nice story twist, [to] get in some emotion" while "complet[ing] a 30-year arc" for John Wesley Shipp's character. The next crossover, between Batwoman and Superman & Lois, was intended to air in 2021,[1] but did not occur because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ is not on Hulu, you can check out ‘Legion,’ a fantastically crafted superhero series that ties in with the X-Men franchise. Pérez was not the intended artist for the series, but was excited when he learned of it and called illustrating it some of the most fun he ever had. Meanwhile, Constantine, Mia, and Diggle visit Lucifer on Earth-666 for help entering purgatory and retrieving Oliver's soul. [118] Guggenheim had tried to have Swamp Thing appear to interact with Constantine, given their history and relationship in the comics. . One epic. It's a five-episode special that runs across … [90] This version of the Anti-Monitor was inspired by the character's appearance in the New 52 "Darkseid Wars" storyline. [47], Pedowitz announced at the Television Critics Association press tour the following month that cast members from Black Lightning would appear[89] (previously hinted at by Cress Williams),[130] and Kevin Conroy would portray an elderly Bruce Wayne after voicing the character in multiple animated media. Crisis On Infinite Earths est le nom du sixième crossover annuel de l'Arrowverse, en cinq épisodes, comprenant successivement un épisode de Supergirl, Batwoman, Flash, Arrow et Legends of Tomorrow. [94] Sara Lance is the focus of the Legends of Tomorrow characters, with the crossover "kick[ing] off Sara's emotional journey for season 5 of Legends" and giving Sara "a different perspective on things". Oliver and Diggle's fight in the Arrow season-six episode "Brothers in Arms" was originally planned for Kate's scene in the Speed Force in which she helps break up the fight. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" foi sugerido pela primeira vez no Universo Arrow no episódio piloto de The Flash. Ce qui suit revient sur les cinq épisodes du crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. About part five, Harrington said: "The governing principle of this episode was the banana pants aesthetic of Legends, and that's exactly what it needed," noting the appearance of the giant Beebo. [15], Harbinger recruits Earth-74's Mick Rory so the heroes can use his Waverider as their headquarters. [104] For scenes set in Gotham City, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries retained the series' grounded tone because it was "not normal for [the characters of Batwoman] to interact with aliens and travel to different universes". [15] In a January 3, 1983 memo, Giordano, Wolfman, and Len Wein instructed editors and writers to use the Monitor twice in the coming year but not to show him: "Because this series involves the entire DC Universe we do ask that each Editor and writer cooperate with the project by using a character called The Monitor in their books twice during the next year". Nabeel Gaber Sep 11, 2020. [64] His scenes were reviewed by the crew of Black Lightning to ensure that his characterization was consistent with the series. When the Paragons are attacked by demons, a restored Nash discovers that the Anti-Monitor is still alive and plans to resume destroying the multiverse. Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane 8. His death releases enough energy to project two of the last five parallel Earths into a protective limbo.

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