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Oh the drama of it all. Lorna is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Kevin Chalk suffers a stroke. Long-serving characters Steph Haydock (Denise Welch), Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin), Rachel Mason (Eva Pope), Paul Langley (Thomas Milner), Karla Bentham (Jessica Baglow), Danielle Harker (Lucy Dixon), Aleesha Dillon (Lauren Thomas), Bolton Smilie (Tachia Newall) and Michaela White (Zaraah Abrahams), as well as Phillip Ryan (Dean Smith), Siobhan Mailey (Phoebe Dynevor) and Jo Lipsett (Sarah-Jane Potts) left at the end of Series 5. It has been away from our screens since 2015, and there have been calls for a reunion for the cast of the hit school drama Waterloo Road. Desperate, she turns to Steph, who is immediately suspicious. Julie Edwards. Phoebe Dynevor began her on-screen career in BBC’s Waterloo Road. [11][12] The final scenes of the show were recorded on 22 August 2014. [24] Former teacher Kim Campbell returns from Rwanda, smuggling a baby girl. The seventh series added several new cast members, including new Headteacher Michael Byrne (Alec Newman), science teacher and deputy headteacher Sian Diamond (Jaye Jacobs), school site manager Rob Scotcher (Robson Green), maths teacher Daniel Chalk (Mark Benton), new Head of English Linda Radleigh (Sarah Hadland), school benefactor Lorraine Donnagan (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and pupil Jodie "Scout" Allen (Katie McGlynn). New PE teacher Rob Cleaver begins a relationship with Jasmine, which ends when he is fired for giving aspiring boxer, Bolton Smilie, performance-enhancing drugs. Series 4 is scheduled to begin airing in the UK on Wednesday 4 March 2015 at 9:00pm on ITV. Login to create it. (8 episodes, 2009-2010) Roberto Bangura. Christine crashes her car drink driving and resigns. All episodes were made available on BBC iPlayer on 19 September 2019,[53] categorized under Drama & Soaps. The fourth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 7 January 2009, and ending on 20 May 2009 on BBC One. George proposes Mandarin classes without knowing the language. Series 4 is currently. Series Four of Waterloo Road first aired on BBC One on Wednesday 7 January 2009 at 8pm (7:30pm on BBC One Scotland) with a 90-minute opening episode. In September 2019, the series was made available on BBC iPlayer. Step-siblings Justin Fitzgerald and Tiffany Westbrook begin a relationship which their parents suppress. Grantly Budgen struggles with his wife Fleur's Alzheimer's disease and puts her in a nursing home; a mix-up causes him to teach from the wrong syllabus. Sue cannot control her pupils; she and Simon elope. The fights. She reveals to Rachel that she had an affair with the executive headteacher Max Tyler. For the first time, the series was recorded in HD.[3]. Headteacher Karen is replaced by Michael Byrne, who has post-traumatic stress disorder from being attacked by a pupil. The original teaching cast of Waterloo Road back in 2006 (Image: Shed Productions). Back at the school, a loved-up Eddie is totally gob smacked to find Melissa waiting for him. As the school performs at the choir competition Rachel\'s puts her life in danger to save the school. The recent shooting brings forth some new evidence of the school shooting and Rachel set's about getting Denzel released. However, when a mystery illness strikes the school, the dodgy dealings in the canteen come under suspicion. Matt Wilding. What follows sees Kim’s world come crashing down around her. But soon she's in the deep end when a group of new pupils start causing havoc. With Kim’s eye off the ball, Karla Bentham becomes the victim of Michaela White’s scheme to make money, and another type of bullying. The final episode was the show's 200th and aired on 9 March 2015, exactly nine years after the first episode. Grantly and Maggie Budgen run the schoolhouse together and later marry. To counter her new deputy – Simon, who is engaged to Sue Spark, daughter of the LEA's head – Christine appoints George Windsor as co-deputy. Rachel Mason and Davina Shackleton return following the fire that nearly destroyed the school. Series one and two were released by 2entertain, whilst series three to eight were released by Acorn DVD. Christine is made acting headteacher while Simon Lowsley is appointed deputy head. Pupil Adam Deardon is killed in a car accident in the very first episode, a pupil struggles to care for his mother who has Huntington's Disease, and English teachers, Tom and Lorna Clarkson's marriage ends due to Tom's love for fellow Drama teacher and their best friend, Izzie Redpath. [15] Linzey Cocker played alongside Burton as on-screen daughter, Jess Fisher and Ceallach Spellman played her on-screen son, Harry Fisher, Coronation Street actor Lucien Laviscount was cast as rebellious teenager Jonah Kirby[16] and Chelsee Healey also reprised her role as Janeece Bryant, not as a pupil, but as the new school secretary. George blackmails his councillor girlfriend into stopping the merger. Sponsor governor, Roger Aspinall, brings controversial changes and enrols his son Brett who has an affair with the school secretary, Davina Shackleton. Larry Brown is arrested and his younger siblings, Lisa and Lenny, become wards of the school. - The second half of series ten was moved to, This page was last edited on 7 March 2021, at 14:05. Series 1 has been aired in Armenia, Austria. Six Headteachers were featured over the series' run, beginning with Jason Merrells as Jack Rimmer. It consists of twenty episodes. And the career's day inspires both Janeece and Chlo on their goals for the future and, when Chlo reveals he wish to go to university to better herself Tom's thrilled but Donte is not as enthusiastic. Who is Frank Stevenson? Waterloo Road star Jack McMullen whether show could return The series ran from 2006 until 2015 and starred the likes of Denise Welch, Chelsee Healey, Jill Halfpenny and Adam Thomas. Channel automatically available in the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Brett also stars in series 8 and 10, outside of Christine's tenure as Headteacher. [13] On 11 December, it was announced that the last ten episodes of the show would air on BBC Three instead of BBC One. Many have gone on to have incredible careers, while others have not been as lucky. Also, Fleur and Grantly are still struggling to overcome the obstacles in their marriage, and it looks as though Steph may be softening up to Dave's charms. Phillip Martin Brown. Season 4 of Waterloo Road premiered on January 7, 2009. The show utilises an ensemble cast, led by the school's staff members. Hearing the news Rachel feels hurt and betrayed and confronts Melissa and gets her to reveal all of the details of the sordid affair to Eddie, upset at the revelation Melissa say's that she'll turn herself in but, Eddie has to make a choice over who he really wants her or Rachel. Looks very much like Waterloo Road, I was a big fan of Waterloo Road watched all the series on a Wednesday evening” [4] However, these plans didn't go ahead, so the show remained in Rochdale until Series 8. It is the final appearance of these characters, with the exception of Janeece who became Waterloo Road's secretary from Series 6 until Series 8, and Bolton who made a guest reappearance in Series 8. Daniel Chalk. Brett also stars in seri… [28], The final episode of series 4 attracted 4.5 million viewers. The tenth series consisted of twenty episo The show utilises an ensemble cast, led by the school's staff members. The police descend on Waterloo Road as the hack on Wiredata Systems is traced to it. The tenth and final series[11] began in October 2014, with Neil Pearson's Vaughan Fitzgerald taking over as the new headmaster of Waterloo Road. For series 6, former Silent Witness and Brookside actress Amanda Burton joined the cast as new headteacher, Karen Fisher. First on her agenda is to organise a careers day but, things go into turmoil when a Jordan-esque glamour model, named Sarah-Leanne arrives and causes a whole load of trouble. However when two of the birds go missing Tom knows that there is only one person it could have been. Series 2 has aired. Chris Geere. Sue and PE teacher Hector Reid have an affair, and Hector threatens blackmail when Sue breaks it off. Episodes 11–20 aired from January–March 2008. Pooky Quesnel joined the cast recurringly in the first half of the season as Vaughan's ex-wife.[22]. On a more positive not, seeing how valuable life is Donte's surprises Chlo to a surprise proposition to renew their marriage vows. A dangerous man impersonates a supply teacher. Series 2 featured a number of new main characters: pupil Brett Aspinall (Tom Payne), his father and sponsor governor Roger Aspinall (Nick Sidi) and school secretary Davina Shackleton (Christine Tremarco). Full episodes (series 1 episode 1 to series 8 episode 30) were previously available to watch on YouTube but have now been replaced by highlights of Waterloo Road. This series began on 18 January 2007 and finished on 26 April of the same year. Mark Benton. Privileged troublemaker Gabriella Wark tries to seduce a teacher, sabotages Nikki Boston's relationship and injures Kacey. She was often causing all kinds of mischief with her bbf Maxine … This was announced on the official Waterloo Road and BBC iPlayer social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, on 19 September 2019. She appeared in 20 episodes in total. Lorraine's business fails, and Michael convinces Glasgow Education to take the school under the local authority before leaving. However nobody turns up and when Matt rings to complain he is told nobody has heard of her. Check out these hilarious bloopers from Waterloo Road Season 5! Still reeling from losing Grace, Kim struggles to hold it together as organiser of a fundraising day at the school. I was very inspired after I saw it for the first time. [31] The series took a mid-term break from 27 October 2010 and resumed with episodes 11–20 beginning on 2 February 2011[32], The final episode aired on 9 March 2015, nine years after the first episode aired on 9 March 2006.[33]. Actor Neil Morrissey has been in a plethora of shows over the years including as Tony in Me Behaving Badly, DC Nigel Morton in Line of Duty and Eddie Lawson in Waterloo Road. The 20-part fourth series was commissioned in December 2007. When Rachel hears about the … The final series set in Rochdale, Series 7, began airing on 4 May 2011 and ended on 25 April 2012. Everyone at Waterloo Road is still reeling with grief over to shocking death of Maxine Barlow, especially Rachel who feel's that it's her fault for allowing Earl to attend the school and feels that she should resign with immediate effect. The school is hosting a choir contest and the Waterloo Road entrants win. A pupil with Asperger syndrome is introduced, English teacher Jasmine Koreshi is accused of assaulting pupil Michaela White, and another pupil is deported. Kacey Barry trains as a boxer. Illegal activities going on left, right and centre. Watch Waterloo Road - Season 4 (2009) using Stremio. It's the start of a new term at Waterloo Road, and the school welcomes back Kim Campbell as the new 'Head of Pastoral Care' however, when Kim arrives with a new baby but no Andrew the rumour mill stats to roll. Waterloo Road made every British teen feel like their secondary school was so dull in comparison. Michael begins an affair with Science teacher Sian Diamond. Episodes 1–10 aired from October–December 2007 before the programme broke transmission over Christmas. It's the last day of term at Waterloo road and there's revelations all round, for students and teachers alike. It's the day of the big fight and Bolton having trouble concentrating and staying focussed so, Rob gives him some supplementary pills and tells Bolton, that's properly means more to him if h wins this fight. [17] On 21 December 2009, it was announced that former Coronation Street actress Tina O'Brien had been cast as Bex Fisher, and that Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson would be joining the cast as a new Year 11 student, Kyle Stack – his scenes aired from episode 11. He is later sacked by Rachel and Eddie when it transpires he is giving Bolton pills to help him win an important match, ultimately ending his and Jasmine's relationship. Click here to login or here to sign up. Flicks\'s father goes on the rampage after Flick gets a restraining order against him. Janeece is betrayed of her life savings by her lover. Tilly Pearce Tuesday 30 Mar 2021 8:34 pm. Phoebe played the role of Siobhan Mailey in the fifth series of the show. The LEA decides to close the school and Michael is contacted by Lorraine Donnagan – a businesswoman and former student – who sponsors the school's relocation to Scotland. Though not yet officially confirmed, the show is expected to be broadcast in the US on PBS later in the year. The longest-running cast members were Philip Martin Brown (Grantly Budgen), Jason Done (Tom Clarkson) and Chelsee Healey (Janeece Bryant), who appeared from series 1 until their exits in series 9 for Brown and 8 for Done and Healey, respectively. "Family from hell", the Kellys, include psychopath Earl who fatally shoots his girlfriend Maxine, leading to his arrest. (10 episodes, 2009-2012) Dermot Boyd. Another added: “Ackley Bridge start in June on channel 4 at 8pm,I have seen the trailer and it looks really good,there is two actors in it from Eastenders. Although, things take a wrong turn when Davina discovers the pills and alerts Jasmine, and hen things take a turns for the worse at the match she lets the official know of the pills. In the story, the school remains open after a lengthy battle against a school merger. However, the pair seem to get along well. Alcoholism and drug use trouble the school. Series 6 saw the last appearances of Cesca Montoya (Karen David), Ruby Fry (Elizabeth Berrington), Jonah Kirby (Lucien Laviscount), Ruth Kirby (Anna Jobarteh), Marcus Kirby (Wil Johnson), Adanna Lawal (Sharlene Whyte) and Nate Gurney (Scott Haining). Modern Foreign Languages teacher, Jo Lipsett, is suspended for acting inappropriately towards pupil Ros McCain's declaration of love. The ongoing feud between Tom and the Kelly family takes new heights as he starts receiving dead birds on his doorstep, and as Eddie takes the initiative to treat everyone to a falconry demonstration. [18] Also from episode 11, Scott Haining played Nate Gurney, a love interest for the newly homosexual Josh Stevenson,[19] Spandau Ballet member and former EastEnders actor Martin Kemp guest starred as Mr Burley, new character Ronan Burley's (Ben-Ryan Davies) [20] father,[21] and Karen David portrayed new Head of Spanish, Francesca "Cesca" Montoya. Troublemaker Janeece was a firm favourite on the show and a big personality at the school. Meanwhile Donte is struggling with Chlo’s decision to put their baby up for adoption so that she can pursue her dream of going to university. Filming of the 5th series began on 11 May 2009 and began airing on Wednesday 28 October (Sunday 25 for BBC One Scotland). Bitter battle lines are drawn between Chlo and Donte as they wrangle over their baby’s future, but when Chlo goes into a complicated premature labour, Donte finds himself at risk of losing his baby and his wife. An extensive set of new characters joined him, including his new partner, Art teacher Allie Westbrook (Nicola Stephenson), his two children and her two children. Who is Keeley Sanderson? Waterloo Road is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later on BBC Three.The show is set in the English town of Rochdale from series one until the end of series seven, and the Scottish town of Greenock from the beginning of series eight until the end of the show in series ten. Series 1 has aired in the Middle East. Graham Woods - … The tenth and final series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began airing on 15 October 2014 on BBC One, before moving to BBC Three in January 2015 for the final 10 episodes. The Syndicate series 4: Start time, cast, and what happened in season 3? [23] Quesnel became part of the main cast in the second half of the series. [30], Series six started airing on BBC One from 1 September, with the second episode following the next day with a strong audience of 5.1m. Waterloo Road is a UK television drama series the first broadcast was in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 9 March 2006. A concerned Kim mediates. Marley, Eddie, Matt, Flick, Jasmine and Andrew also made their final appearances in episode 20. Jaye Jacobs. Tom and Izzie are expecting their first child together but Izzie has a miscarriage; Lorna reunites the couple before committing suicide due to her degenerative illness. [29], The last episode of series 5 aired on 15 July 2010 with an audience of 4.5 million viewers. Healey was not in Series 5, however. Series 3 was commissioned, consisting of twenty episodes (which would become the normal length of the show's series), and premiered on 11 October 2007 and ending on 13 March 2008. The fourth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 7 January 2009, and ending on 20 May 2009 on BBC One. Elsewhere, the school's new security guard, Dave Miller, instantly falls in love with Steph. Forced together on a school trip, their antagonism builds to a life-threatening climax. Other staff arrivals include NQT English teacher Jasmine Koreshi (Shabana Bakhsh) and Head of Music and Drama Matt Wilding (Chris Geere). This article lists the characters and the actors who portray them from the award-winning BBC television series Waterloo Road.The series utilises an ensemble cast, led by the staff members of the eponymous school.It also has a high turnover rate of characters, with … Zeriozha Burtt-Skeete as Celine Dixon (4 episodes) Holly Grainger as Stacey Appleyard (4 episodes) Holly Matthews as Leigh-Ann Galloway (3 episodes) Others Recurring. The original teaching characters consisted of Headteacher Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrells); Deputy Headteacher Andrew Treneman (Jamie Glover); Art teacher and Head of Pastoral Care Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin); Head of English Grantly Budgen (Philip Martin Brown); English teachers Lorna Dickey (Camilla Power) and Tom Clarkson (Jason Done); Head of French Steph Haydock (Denise Welch); and Head of Drama Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny). No writer has been added. Originally shown on BBC TV from 2006 to 2015, it features early appearances from Tom Payne (The Walking Dead), Jenna Coleman (Dr Who, Victoria, Captain … Mika Grainger is subjected to extreme online bullying. Maxine Barlow conquers her drug addition but her father is revealed to be behind a series of sex attacks on teenage girls. Waterloo Road is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later on BBC Three. Particularly affected is newly-qualified English teacher Helen Hopewell, who quits after bribing students for their good behaviour during an inspection. Episode 8. Grantly suffers from kidney failure; Maggie pressures Tom to donate a kidney, but he fatally falls from the school roof while trying to help a former student.

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