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Wohin die aktuellen Proteste führen, ist derzeit noch nicht absehbar. pro-Beijing majority 70-seat Legislative Council, Thousands of people have taken to the streets in. Hongkong-Proteste Der Widerstand ist neu entfacht Stand: 09.06.2020 09:14 Uhr Nun ist der Protest erneut entfacht - Beobachter erwarten heißen Protest-Sommer. Protests have raged in Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill, which would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial. 21 October 2019 3 minute READ. Public hospitals in Hong Kong were treating 79 people for protest-related injuries as of 11am local time (03:00 GMT). Hundreds of riot police fired tear gas and surrounded the legislative complex that demonstrators had earlier stormed and occupied. Hong Kong‘s pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been freed from prison and pledged to join the ongoing mass protest movement demanding the city’s Beijing-backed leader, Carrie Lam, steps down over a controversial extradition bill. “I hope they’re going to be able to work it out with China,” Trump told reporters at the White House.”I understand the reason for the demonstration,” he said. Hong Kong news, breaking news, comment and analysis for Hong Kong. After clearing protesters with tear gas and batons, police were able to walk into the ransacked main chamber without meeting any resistance. The veteran politician, who helped draft the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, said he had spent 35 years trusting the Chinese government would deliver on democratic commitments to the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong protest leaders have announced plans for another mass rally on Sunday and a city-wide strike on Monday. Der tägliche aktualisierte Warnindex liegt bei: 4/5 und basiert auf 5 Meldungen. China’s Global Times on Tuesday called for ‘zero tolerance’ after protesters stormed and ransacked Hong Kong’s legislature. Two people were seriously injured in the latest uptick in violence in Hong Kong. Well done HK Government for heeding concerns of the brave citizens who have stood up for their human rights. “It was written into the Basic Law that we would have universal suffrage, 10 years after the handover. Hong Kong's government said violence and illegal protests were pushing the city to an "extremely dangerous edge," as police fired multiple rounds of tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters on Sunday and Beijing said it would not let the situation persist. This case was not an exception. after a small group of mostly students wearing hard hats and masks used a metal trolley, poles and scaffolding to repeatedly charge at the compound’s reinforced glass doors, which finally gave way. Im Sommer 2019 brachen in der chinesischen Sonderverwaltungszone Hongkong Massenproteste gegen die Peking-nahe Regierung unter Carrie Lam aus. Despite the rising pressure on Lam’s administration, Beijing has continued to back the embattled Hong Kong leader over the bill. “[We] will fight until the end with Hong Kong people,” Jimmy Sham from the Civil Human Rights Front, the main protest group, said, adding that it had applied for permission to hold the weekend rally. Trump’s cautious response to what he said were “massive” demonstrations came as Washington and Beijing try to pick up the pieces of their collapsed talks on resolving a trade war. According to AFP news agency, only around two dozen reporters were left inside. Away from campaigning want to stress UK support for Hong Kong and its freedoms is UNWAVERING on this anniversary day. “Message to the Chinese govt: good relations between countries are based on mutual respect and honouring the legally binding agreements between them,” Hunt said on Twitter. Image. Hong Kong protest leaders said they will press ahead with a planned rally on Sunday despite the government suspending a proposed extradition bill. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam condemned the “extremely violent” storming of the city’s parliament after hundreds of protesters ransacked the assembly in an unprecedented display of defiance. Cheung said on Thursday that “We’ve seen [the police] use extreme forces which are not proportional to the demonstration”. Mourners meanwhile laid flowers Sunday on the pavement near where a man fell to his death a day earlier after hanging a protest banner on scaffolding on a shopping mall. It is not clear when the vote will take place. Johnson said the people of Hong Kong were “perfectly within their rights to be very sceptical, very anxious” about the controversial plans. after widespread anger and large-scale protests in the Asian financial hub. “But it is vital that those extradition arrangements in Hong Kong are in line with the rights and freedoms that were set down in the Sino-British joint declaration.”. Here's all the background you need to know in 100 or 500 words - … In an earlier statement to reporters, Chief Secretary for Administration Mathew Cheung asked demonstrators to leave the area. The UK foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, told China that it needed to honour and respect the agreement the countries had made over Hong Kong. Hundreds of demonstrators stormed into Hong Kong’s legislature after smashing their way in as the crisis that has gripped the semi-autonomous Chinese territory for weeks rapidly intensified. Hong Kong riot police and protesters braced for possible further clashes on Thursday after a day of violence over the extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial. HONG KONG PROTESTS. Historically, all state actor-sized DDoS (200-400 Gb/s of junk) we experienced coincided in time with protests in Hong Kong (coordinated on @telegram). No. The turnout reflected growing apprehension about relations with the Communist Party-ruled mainland. 2019. Protesters in a Hong Kong mall on Aug. 5. These rights need to be respected,” a statement issued by the EU’s external affairs arm said. He said China’s determination to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and security and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability was unshakable. Maria Adebahr also said that Berlin and its European Union partners have expressed their concern to Hong Kong authorities. The building itself was closed as police inspected the interior, which had been cordoned off and designated a “crime scene”, according to Al Jazeera’s Sarah Clarke in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police fired tear gas to evict anti-government protesters who had stormed and ransacked parliament. Wong, 22, was released from the Lai Chi Kok correctional facility after completing a two-month sentence for his part in the so-called Umbrella Movement that brought the city to a standstill for more than two months in late 2014. Drop all political prosecutions! At a press conference organised by police on Thursday, local journalists donned the high-visibility jackets, helmets and gas masks worn by protesters “just to show that they do not believe Hong Kong police acted with a minimum of force,” Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reported. Aktuelle Reisewarnungen und Sicherheitshinweise für Hongkong in Asien (Ost-Asien). Die aktuelle Situation in Hongkong wird international mit zunehmender Sorge beobachtet. — Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) June 15, 2019. The weekend saw riots over the mask ban, a second person shot, and tear gas fired at … On June 9, more than a million people marched against the bill, which they fear will allow China to encroach on rights in the territory. Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” to the EU’s “irresponsible and erroneous” statements. “Historically, all state actor-sized [attacks] we experienced coincided in time with protests in Hong Kong (coordinated on @telegram). Tens of thousands of Hong Kong demonstrators surrounded the Chinese-ruled city’s legislature, forcing it to postpone the second round of debate on the bill. Local media reported on Saturday, citing unnamed sources, that Lam plans to announce she is suspending a proposed extradition bill that is unpopular with many Hong Kong residents. At a brief news conference held as the chaos swirled just outside, Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung called the demonstration a riot and condemned the “irresponsible behaviour” of protesters. This case was not an exception”. Aktuelle Informationen bietet das Government of Hong Kong. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has said the protests in Hong Kong show that the “one country, two systems” framework doesn’t work. Embattled leader Lam has apologised over her prior plans to push through the extradition bill legislation, admitting that “shortcomings in the government’s work has led to a lot of conflict and disputes in Hong Kong society and has disappointed and distressed many citizens”. Amnesty International has condemned what it called excessive force by Hong Kong police against the largely peaceful protesters, saying it violates international law and is likely to lead to worsening violence. “Hands off Hong Kong and show respect,” he said. Some carried white carnation flowers and others held banners which said, “Do not shoot, we are Hong Konger” – an appeal to police who fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas at protesters on Wednesday, wounding more than 70 people. Aktuelle Lage und Info-Updates. Demonstrators smash into lobby of Legislative Council building, block roads as city marks 1997 handover to China. China has described the violent actions on Monday night of some Hong Kong protesters as an “undisguised challenge” to the ‘one country, two systems’ formula under which the city is governed, state television reported on Tuesday. Hong Kong authorities arrested 11 people during Wednesday’s protests, police chief Stephen Lo Wai-chung said on Thursday. Hong Kong activists are encouraging the public to support strikes by workers, teachers and students on Monday. Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt welcomed a decision by the Hong Kong government to suspend the extradition bill. Activists in Hong Kong have called for a … GO HONG KONG!! Hong Kong’s legislature will not vote on the controversial extradition bill on Friday, Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reported from Hong Kong. In Reaktion auf die anhaltenden Proteste verkündete Regierungschefin Lam am 4. “Chinese society is all too aware that a zero-tolerance policy is the only remedy for such destructive behaviour witnessed. Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that a debate on the controversial extradition bill in the Hong Kong Legislative Council  will be suspended, after widespread anger and large-scale protests in the Asian financial hub. Dozens of people protested outside the Hong Kong consulate in Taiwan to denounce proposed amendments to Hong Kong’s extradition laws. Message to Chinese govt: good relations between countries are based on mutual respect and honouring the legally binding agreements between them. ", 2019 Funding Drive: https://t.co/biDMrS7Y5Y pic.twitter.com/DIdkCwEZPY, — Hong Kong Free Press HKFP (@hkfp) June 15, 2019. In one instance, a female protester suffered severe thigh fractures. Ho Wing Tung, a Hong Kong student in Taiwan, said the rule of law won’t exist if the legislation passes and she is afraid the “one country, two systems” principle would become a joke. Self-governed Taiwan is claimed by China, who wants the territory to reunite with it under a similar framework as Hong Kong. By registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy. “Well done HK Government for heeding concerns of the brave citizens who have stood up for their human rights,” Hunt said on Twitter. Dr Tim Summers Senior Consulting Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme (based in Hong Kong) Email Tim Twitter; Google Scholar; A protester defaces the Hong Kong emblem after protesters broke into the government headquarters in Hong Kong on 1 July, … Unfortunately, some governments don’t want democracy,” Trump told reporters at the White House. That could spell long jail terms for anyone arrested, adding to concerns that Hong Kong’s government is using public disturbance laws to intimidate political protesters. Lam’s added that the peaceful protests that flowed through the city’s streets on Sunday had devolved into a “blatant, organised riot.”. The overwhelmingly young crowd overflowed onto a major downtown road, overturning barriers and tussling with police outside the building that houses the chambers where the legislature was to discuss the bill. China’s central government firmly supports the Hong Kong government in passing an extradition law, the foreign ministry reiterated. Deutschlands führende Nachrichtenseite. Photograph: Kin Cheung/AP. The United States called on all sides in Hong Kong to show restraint. Read more — Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 (@joshuawongcf) June 17, 2019. “The only way for the Special Administrative Region to sustain economic growth and maintain stability is for it to further integrate its own development into the nation’s overall development,” the newspaper said. Hong Kong authorities have shut government offices in the city’s financial district for the rest of the week after a day of violence over an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial. The call comes as Hong Kong residents gather for a march through downtown on Sunday to protest a government plan to enact extradition legislation. The state-owned tabloid The Global Times blamed “radical opposition forces” and “the Western forces behind them” for hyping up and politicising the amendments. The protesters say Lam has not responded to their demands despite multiple protests in recent weeks. Here's all the background you need to know in 100 or 500 words - … “We’ll stay until the government drops this law and [Chinese President] Xi Jinping gives up on trying to turn Hong Kong into just another city in China like Beijing and Shanghai,” college student Louis Wong Wong said. A representative from China’s Hong Kong affairs office condemned the violence, and said the government in Beijing would support the Hong Kong authorities in holding those responsible to account, the report said. The EU earlier called for the Hong Kong government to respect the rights of protesters. At least 72 people were taken to hospitals after the massive protests. Britain urged the Hong Kong government to “pause and reflect” on the extradition bill that has sparked widespread protests and said the former British colony must protect its rights, freedoms and high degree of autonomy. Pavel Durov, CEO of encrypted messaging app Telegram, has said it was hit by a powerful cyberattack that coincided with the protests. “We are concerned about potential effects of these proposals particularly obviously given the large number of British citizens there are in Hong Kong,” May told parliament. “I do hope that the British government will realise the consequences and … refrain from further interference, from further damaging the relationship,” Liu Xiaoming told a press conference. Withdraw the extradition bill. Expert Comment. Workers have been clearing discarded umbrellas, streets signs and parts of fences that protesters had taken apart and used to force their way into the building. “We have said many times that Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs,” Geng said. A clean-up was underway in the centre of Hong Kong on Tuesday morning after protesters ransacked the Legislative Council building the previous night. A statement from the Hospital Authority said 56 of the injured were male and 23 were female, adding that the figures included both civilians and police officers. 180 manifestants ont été arrêtés dont sept d’entre elles pour « pour v After the protesters spent hours inside the complex, destroying furniture and spray-painting graffiti, hundreds of riot police surrounded the building and fired tear gas at demonstrators outside. Stay on top of Hong Kong Protests latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera’s fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps. “No violence is acceptable but HK people MUST preserve right to peaceful protest exercised within the law, as hundreds of thousands of brave people showed today,” he added. With riot shields, batons and gas masks, the officers readied to retake the building after hundreds of demonstrators earlier smashed their way in and vandalized the chamber. HONG KONG PROTESTS News - Find latest News & top stories about HONG KONG PROTESTS. Carrie Lam step down. The United Kingdom‘s support for Hong Kong and “its freedoms is unwavering,” Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Monday. I served a jail sentence and just left prison today … now I can join the fight and let people around the world know that under the rule of China, we will not keep silent,” said Lam, who was freed from prison earlier on Monday. An anti-government protester was shot and a pro-government man set on fire. The UK should “refrain from further interference” in Hong Kong or risk “further damaging” its relationship with Beijing, the Chinese ambassador in London said. Martin Lee, the founding chairman of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, said that while he could not defend the protesters’ violent actions on Monday night, he could understand their frustrations. Hong Kong police move in on protester-occupied legislature. November 21 - A 12-year-old boy is the youngest protester to be arrested in the protests November 25 - Pro-democracy politicians won 17 out of 18 districts in … Following a day of sit-ins, tear gas and clashes with police, Hong Kong students and civil rights activists vowed to keep protesting against the proposed extradition bill. After most of the crowd was dispersed, some 100 demonstrators could be seen holding their ground, China reiterates support for Hong Kong government, Hong Kong protesters storm legislature, smash doors and walls, Hong Kong demonstrations turn violent as crisis escalates, In Pictures: Hong Kong protesters storm government headquarters, Canada’s largest province hits new high of daily COVID infections, Benin vote count begins after opposition groups boycott election, Ukraine says soldier killed in shelling by Russia-backed forces, Cambodia condemns Vice for altered Khmer Rouge images, South African variant can ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine: Study, Rich, old prince dies – the media, on cue, loses it, Ukraine turns to Turkey as Russia threatens full-scale war, Chinese vaccines’ effectiveness low, official admits, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights, Complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, Resignation of Beijing-backed Chief Executive, Investigation into alleged police brutality against protesters, Retraction of characterisation of protests as riots. Protests began last month over the controversial extradition bill but have since swelled into a wider expression of discontent with the government. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Hong Kong dressed in black to demand that the city’s embattled leader step down. Police have destroyed metal barriers erected by protesters outside the legislative building. The prime ministerial candidate tweeted “to stress UK support for Hong Kong and its freedoms is UNWAVERING on this anniversary day. Click on the arrows to explore our 53 year timeline of protests that helped define Hong Kong. It has become a war of attrition. Hong Kong is facing a major political crisis as it heads into a 10th week of mass demonstrations. Protesters break through glass door at legislative council headquarters in Hong Kong, in latest escalation. China has shot back at the European Union’s remarks about political freedom in Hong Kong, urging the bloc to be “cautious” about interfering in China’s “internal affairs”. Legislature President Andrew Leung said Tuesday that he had accepted 153 out of 238 proposed amendments to the bills. In a statement issued by her office, the chief executive “apologised to the people” and “pledged to adopt a most sincere and humble attitude to accept criticisms and make improvements in serving the public”. “No matter who is the chief executive of Hong Kong, they are absolutely the puppet of [China’s] communist regime, because all of them are appointed by the Chinese government,” he added.

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